et tu, brute?

Foxhounds by nutmeg66 on Flickr.

Mr. Beagle by Macorig Paolo on Flickr.

8Fabbe by husmask on Flickr.



Grizzly by Tim Irvin

The title is misleading, this is actually a chocolate phase black bear, quite common in the pacific northwest. You can tell by the big ears, more streamlined head and smaller proportions (although this one does look quite similar to a brown bear, I was a bit confused myself at first). Brown bears are also incredibly rare where this was taken (southern BC). 

It’s important to be able to tell the difference between brown and black bears in case you ever end up too close to one in the wild. They behave very differently and if one attacks you it’s important to know how to respond!


A Taigan, a sighthound breed from Kyrgyzstan. The breed is specially adapted to live in the harsh Tian Shan mountains and is used for hunting by the nomadic people of the region. Unlike most other sighthounds, they also use their sense of smell and hearing as much as their eyesight when hunting.

Photo by yuan.muye // CC license 2.0 


Winter in Ilulissat (by Greenland Travel)


Dogsledding in Greenland by Greenland Travel


(via 500px / supermodel by Bob Pietrowski)


Love this dog! Barney is possibly the most ridiculously soppy, cuddly border collie I’ve ever met…


J34 (?) breaching on September 7th via Ocean EcoVentures Whale Watching - Cowichan Bay.

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