et tu, brute?


(via 500px / Red Panda Innocence by Josef Gelernter)


Ethiopian wolf (canis simensis) by Vincent Munier








another example in which a dog is probably uncomfortable and stressed for the sake of a funny internet video - ears back, eyes squinted/closed, tense and closed mouth (HAHA HE’S LIKE SMILING RIGHT?? nope) all body language of being stressed

it is also wagging its tail and lifting its leg to try and appease the person stressing it, i believe

I’m guessing you guys didn’t even bother clicking the link and watching the rest of the videos? This is a shiba inu. This is their body language almost specific to this breed. This is their happy signals— trust me, if you had an unhappy stressed shiba, it wouldn’t think twice to bite the crap out of you.
Click the link, watch the videos— and not just one or two, but as many as you can.
Smile shiba=happy shiba.

Send this to my friend, a dog trainer and a behaviorist

"Of course you can see some stress signals there but you must not forget one thing; dog behavior is not black and white. Some dogs, even breed, can communicate in a way that seems stressful to others. Get to know your dog and don’t only read the signals, read the situation as well. "

I get crap for “stressing out” my dogs. Sorry but not every breed expresses itself it the same way. My huskies are not golden retrievers or labs. Sweeping generalizations can be just as dangerous as total ignorance when it comes to animal behavior.

According to some people, my dogs are in a state of perpetual fear. Oh, and I starve them too.

Yay! :D

One thing I notice absent from a lot of these “critiques” of animal behavior is that they often fail to recognize that there is such a thing as positive stress, or healthy stress. The mere fact that an animal is showing a stress sign or feeling stressed out isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can just be a sign of heightened emotion or of thinking too hard in the event of a training session. Pretty sure this dog is fine.

Also now I want a shibe even more.


10,000 dogs were killed in American shelters today. For 10,000 others, this is their last night alive. Stop breeding, stop buying. Seriously. Just stop.

See, I have tons of arguments explaining why breeding isn’t bad and all, but allow me to just say that not everyone lives in America. Can’t exactly send dogs in postage like a letter across the atlantic

And, uh, that statistic seems kind of odd. 10.000, really?


7.12 Reo “Hot Dog!” by jezandia on Flickr.


Photo by mhilber // CC Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0


140331_Miko_065 by furry-photos on Flickr.


Elysian Fields by David Cartier, Sr.


Right place, right time…

I managed to capture this 11 week old Red Panda cub being dragged out of her nest and then moved to a new one…or should I say ‘dangled’ to a new one!

Happy International Red Panda Day!


Between Tank and Monty, I could probably make a series titled “The Majestic Running Doges.”

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